FOREST'CIME - 25/26/27 JUNE 2021
100 % NATURE
In the heart of the Jura and Ain Mountains
450 KM - 9000 M D+
Limited to 160 riders









limited to 30 riders


Jean Pierre Marin FOREST’CIME Organizer 


The official step to step  approach towards the end of the lockdown announced by the President of the French Republic allows us to hope for better days and to announce our desire to organize Forest’Cime 2021.

The organizing committee decided to maintain our event from June 25 to 27, hoping for an improvement in the health situation. Despite this, the organization of the event remains subject to regulations related to the pandemic (catering, accommodation) and could therefore be cancelled for a major cause.

In the event of cancellation for a major cause on our part, we will offer you a postponement at no additional cost to 2022 or a full refund of your registration.

Personal cancellations remain subject to the internal regulations of our event (see RULES 7.3) except in the case of the current regulations governing border crossings for our foreign cycling friends. In a situation where border crossing is forbidden, foreigners will benefit from the same conditions as before: postponement or refund.

All the volunteers and I hope to find you in the best possible conditions for a nice hike on the roads of jura.

Thank you for the confidence you have in our organization and I wish you a happy cycling season.



La FOREST’CIME is a three-day stage cycling tour starting and ending in the town of Oyonnax – Charles-Mathon Stadium – (01100).
– Friday, June 25th 2021 : Oyonnax – Hauteville Lompnes
– Saturday, June 26th 2021 : Hauteville Lompnes – Bellecin Orgelet
– Sunday, June 27th 2021 : Bellecin Orgelet– Oyonnax (SCharles-Mathon Stadium)
The race takes place at a free pace for the participants on the connecting routes between the villages stages without timing and may be assimilated to a cyclotourism-type trial which does not give rise to classification.
However, a part of the course is timed (one climb per day) which allows to perform a mountain performance classification.
With a start at the gate of the PARC NATUREL DU HAUT JURA, La FOREST’CIME owes its name to its exceptional route through the mountains of the AIN and the JURA, with its famous passes dominated by the summit of fir trees.
La FOREST’CIME is the IDEAL TRIAL TO PREPARE YOUR SUMMER GOALS, like the high road of the Alps or the Pyrenees but without time pressure. You will be guided by an organization that has proven itself for the past 29 years with the events of La Forestière VTT et Cyclo, which brings together more than 2500 participants each year.
La FOREST’CIME is a unique formula from 320 € that guarantees you unforgettable mountain trails,  scheduled for three days. Accommodation in quality facilities, meals specific to cycling, gourmet and cycling-specific refreshments, followed by efficient and secure logistics.

La FORESTCIME is a three-day mountain adventure, with connecting routes between the stage villages and timed parts on climbs to the passes.

With more than 450 kilometres and 9,000 metres of elevation, participants will have the opportunity to discover remarkable sites and to compete on ascents worthy of alpine passes.

Entries (fee for the 3 days) (COMPLETE)

Half-board accommodation for two nights. Feed station supplies, designated section timing, transfer of bags, relaxation area, bike park, goody bag

Before 31/12/2020 – Early bird booking fee

Individual 350 €

Group 320 € (minimum 5 cyclist)

01/01/2021 to 15/06/2021

Individual 380€

Group 350€ (minimum 5 cyclist) (OPTION NOT AVAILABLE)



Registration by mail with individual paper or group registration only.
Payment by cheque or bank transfer


On the day the numbered bibs are removed, you will receive a superb top-of-the-range Rosti jersey, official supplier of the Pro AG2R team.

You will have to wear this collector jersey during the second stage of the Forest’cime.

You can order additional jersey or short, to be removed also with the numbered bib.


Jersey : 55 € incl.

Short : 65 € incl.

Jersey + short :

110 € incl.









Trials details

140 KM

Oyonnax - Hauteville Lompness

153 KM

Hauteville Lompness - Bellecin Orgelet

132 KM

Bellecin Orgelet - Oyonnax


 Health protocol covid 19

Reminder to all participants : 

1.PCR test or vaccination certificate not mandatory.

2. In case of  any symptoms related to covid-19, please inform the organisation.

3.Participants are invited to download and activate the “All anti-Covid”.

 4.Respect the wearing of a mask covering the nose, mouth and chin continuously. The mask must be a general public mask with a filtration rate of more than 90% or a surgical mask, and in perfect integrity. 

5.Respect the physical distance, respect the markings on the ground.

6.Respect the flow to avoid grouping.

7.Respect the rules of hygiene in force, which are

Frequent cleaning of hands (disinfectant gel available at the various stations): 

  • On arrival in the establishment and/or before departure.
  • Before resuming the course when the participant has gone to the toilet.
  • Before and after the meal, when this is authorised.
  • At the end of the course and/or on leaving the facility.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a disposable handkerchief.
  • Do not spit on the different areas or during the course.
  • Use a single-use handkerchief and dispose of it in a waste bin. 
  • Do not touch your face.
  • Have your own personalised water bottle and never share your water bottle with anyone outside your household.
  • Have your own personal equipment (clothes, shoes, socks, etc.). 
  • Have a spare mask per day (change every 4 hours or in case of rain). Masks will be available at different stations between arrival and departure.
  • Respect the direction of traffic on the premises with indications.

During the event

  • The mask can be removed after the start, during the race, participants are exempt from wearing a mask. On arrival at the refreshment points, the mask must be worn correctly. In addition, hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers will be available at each feed point.
  • In compliance with the barrier gestures, the refreshment service will be carried out by the volunteer teams. Once the event has resumed, the mask can be removed again. 
  • As soon as the finish line is crossed, a mask must be put back on and the direction of traffic must be followed to leave the finish area. 

Other information: 

Due to covid-19 regulations, the showers will be closed on the day of the finish at the Mathon stadium, so please provide your own toilet facilities.

An unguarded public car park is available to cyclists at the Oyonnax Charles Mathon Stadium (site of the start of the event).  We advise you not to leave anything of value in your vehicle.  The organisation disclaims any responsibility in case of theft or accidents.
The organisation will take care of all the logistical requirements during the event including:
Your personal bags (with kit that you may require during the event) will be identified on Friday morning with your own individual identification bracelet ID and transferred by our teams to the different places of accommodation.
The ID bracelet is your identification bracelet for the entire event.  It identifies you during the race and allows you to retrieve bags, bikes etc and to access the various activities laid on by the organisation (pool, restaurant etc …)
After each stage, your bags can be collected from a secure store room.
And the following morning, before the start of the stage you drop off your bags at the same secure store room, as follows:
Saturday morning from 6:30 am to 7am
Sunday morning: 6:30 am to 7 am
Maximum number of bags per person: 2
Weight: 20 kg (bag 90 L max)
In the evening, your bikes will be stored in a secure bike park as per the number on your ID bracelet. You will need to show your ID bracelet to recover your bike the following morning.
Stage 1 and 2 : Accommodation is on site at the finish of stage 2.


Performeur Challenge


Contact : Jean Pierre Marin
Director of the "Raid Cyclo Forest'Cime"

    Find the start of the Forest'Cime : Stade Charle-Mathon d'Oyonnax - Boulevard Arthur Candor

    7J3W+79 Oyonnax
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