FOREST'CIME - 28/29/30 JUNE 2024
100 % NATURE
In the heart of the Jura and Ain Mountains
450 KM - 9000 M D+
Limited to 160 riders

Saturday, June 29th – Plateau d'Hauteville – Bellecin

"Cycling in the Ain valley and the Jura mountains"

Stage 2 Intro

Today’s stage starts at the BOOST ATHLETE’s CENTER on the Plateau d’Hauteville and heads initially in the direction of the Lower Bugey and the gem of a village of Cerdon, which is well known for its sparkling wine and also as a hotbed of French Resistance for the Ain Maquis during the Second World War. But before stopping at the Cerdon feed station, riders will face the Chanay climb with its 13% gradient as from KM10. This first timed section is over a distance of 5.5km and counts towards the Challenge Performer classification. Riders then cross the magnificent Ain valley before taking to the small mountain roads to reach the Suran valley. At kilometre 105, riders will officially enter the Jura National Park via the village of Aromas to reach the village of Valzin en Petite Montagne, including the Montadroit (meaning vertical climb) ascent on the programme, which is the scene of the stage’s second time section. The stage culminates at the magnificent Bellecin sports centre on the shores of Lake Vouglans and its emerald, green waters. Bellecin is a sports training centre and, more specifically, the national training centre for the French rowing team. It’s the perfect place to relax, recuperate and recharge your batteries for the final stage of the 2024 Forest’Cime.

Satge information

  • Stage start at Plateau d’Hauteville, starting at 08.00.

  • Finish in Bellecin as from 13.30.

  • Stage distance 146 km.

  • 2,852 metres of climbing / 3,199 metres of descending.

  • 3 full feed stations during the stage at the following places
    – KM45 Village of Cerdon
    – KM79 Village of Banchin
    – KM120 Village of Valfin sur Valouse

Profile step 2

Chrono 2 stage 2

Main characteristics

  • Ascent to the Joux pass
  • Start : Km 121
  • Distance : 5.400km
  • Difference in altitude : 249m

Challenge Performer 1st timed section (Stage 2)

Main characteristics

Accent to Chanay
  • Start Km10,5
  • Distance 5,5 km
  • Vertical climbing 392 m+
Télécharger le parcours (maj 22/06/2021)

Challenge Performer 2nd timed section (Stage 2)

Main characteristics

Accent de Monntadroit
  • Start Km131,5
  • Distance 6.2 km
  • Vertical climbing 293 m+
Télécharger le parcours (maj 22/06/2021)

Timed sector : Climb to the col du Grand Colombier

  • Departure at Kilometre Point 32
  • Distance : 17 km
  • D+ : 1210 m

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