Rules of the Forest'Cime

1 – Organization

The FOREST’CIME cycle raid takes place over 3 days.

This event is organised by the association La Forestière.

The FOREST’CIME is governed by the regulations of the French Cycling Federation.

It is open to all cyclists aged 18 years and over.

The stages :

  • First day: Arbent > Plateau d’Hauteville
  • Second day: Plateau d’Hauteville > Bellecin Orgelet
  • Third day: Bellecin Orgelet > Arbent

2 – Performer Challenge

2.1 – Organization of the races

The Challenge Performeur rewards the best climber of La FOREST’CIME.

Competitors are divided into 5 categories, in addition to the overall ranking:

  • 18 – 29 years old*
  • 30 – 39 years old*
  • 40 – 49 years old*
  • 50 – 59 years old*
  • 60+ years old*
  • Females

*Age in the current year.

2.2 – Organisation of the races

On each stage of the FOREST’CIME, a time is taken on a climb to a pass. A daily classification is established in the various categories defined in article 2.1.

The awards ceremony will be held

2.3 – General ranking

A general classification is drawn up at the end of each stage for the various categories defined in article 2.1.

The general individual time classification is obtained by adding the times recorded by the timekeepers in all the stages.

In the event of a tie in the general individual time classification, the places obtained in each stage shall be added together and, as a last resort, the place obtained in the last stage run.

3 – Finisher’s Challenge

All participants who have completed the stages will be awarded the Finisher’s Trophy.

The Finisher’s Trophy will be awarded at the end of the last stage.

4 – Allocation of bicycle plates

Plaques will be allocated in the order in which applications are received.

5 – Security and assistance

Each participant must respect the rules of the road and, in particular, drive on the right side of the road.

Helmets must be worn.

Following cars on the route of the timed part are forbidden; any competitor contravening this rule will be disqualified from the event.

5.1 – Refreshments

Three or two feed stations are organised on each stage.

Competitors may be supplied by their companions at other points on the course, provided that the supply is provided by a pedestrian and does not affect the safety of the event.

Refuelling a participant from a moving vehicle is forbidden and will result in the participant’s immediate disqualification.

Depending on the weather conditions and the topography of the course, additional water supply points may be set up by the organisation.

5.2 – Deadlines

The broom wagon will respect an average speed established by the organisation according to the topography of each stage.

Competitors overtaken by this vehicle will have to stop and will be brought back to the finish site by the assistance vehicle, but will be able to take part in the next stage if they so wish.

5.3 – Technical assistance

Each competitor must be self-sufficient and must leave with a minimum repair kit including, in particular, spare tyres or tubes to deal with any puncture.

An assistance car from the organisation will be available at the end of the event to repatriate competitors who are victims of major mechanical incidents.

Fixed assistance points will be provided at the start and finish sites as well as at certain feed zones.

6 – Physical fitness

Each participant must provide proof of his or her ability to practice cycling in competition either :

  • By presenting a sports licence of the year mentioning a medical certificate issued at the time of the licence;
  • Or by presenting a medical certificate of “no contraindication to the practice of cycling in competition” dated less than one year before the date of the event.

7 – Insurance

7.1 – “Civil liability” insurance

Through its affiliation to the French Cycling Federation, the organiser has taken out a contract covering its civil liability as organiser.

It should be noted that the civil liability of all participants during their participation in the FOREST’CIME is covered by the contract taken out by the French Cycling Federation on behalf of the organiser.

7.2 – “Individual accident & personal injury” insurance

Participants with a licence from the French Cycling Federation are automatically covered by an “individual accident” insurance policy when they take out their licence.

For participants who are not licensed with the FFC, the organiser offers the option of individual accident insurance.

For more information on the clauses of the contracts, please contact :


Société de courtage en Assurances

Res Le Grand Coeur, Bat B
298 Avenue du Maréchal Leclerc

Orias : 17 007 353

7.3 – Optional CANCELLATION GUARANTEE at registration 10 % of the registration fee ( guarantee).

The registration to LA FOREST’CIME is firm and definitive, however the cancellation of the registration is possible by subscribing the option CANCELLATION at the time of the registration . 

Withdrawal – Modification of registration :

For administrative and security reasons, requests for withdrawal in favour of another person or modification of registration are forbidden. However, in order to deal with particular cases or emergencies, they may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. A contribution to the administration costs of 10 euros will be requested.

7.4 – Declaration, warning and exclusions

Participants lose the benefit of insurance coverage if they do not wear a helmet.

The material (bicycle, equipment, etc.) is not insured (in the event of a fall, theft, damage, etc.) under the contracts taken out by the organiser and is not included in the insurance contracts linked to an FFC licence.

It is therefore up to the participants to take note of the levels of cover they have; participants retain the possibility of increasing their guarantees by taking out additional cover with an insurer of their choice.

8 – Theft and disappearance

The participants acknowledge that the organiser is not responsible for the surveillance of goods or objects in case of theft or loss.

9 – Information technology and freedom

In accordance with the law “informatique et liberté” of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data.

10 – Image rights

Participants expressly authorise the organisers to use, in any document or promotional medium, the still and audiovisual images in which they may appear, taken during their participation in the FOREST’CIME, without any time or geographical limit.

11 – Acceptance of overflight by drone and image rights

The participants expressly authorise the organisers to use the images produced by remote-controlled DRONE aircraft.

Specific regulations for the use of drones:


No remotely piloted aircraft may be operated within a horizontal distance of 30 metres of any person other than its remote pilot and, where applicable, an operator of the remotely piloted aircraft’s payload.

(In the case of a tethered aerostat, this distance may be reduced to a distance equal to the largest dimension of the aerostat. In this case, the operator shall ensure that the means of restraint of the aerostat is not likely to injure a person during the movement of the aerostat in the wind).

The 30 metre distance may be reduced provided that :

– the presence of people within 30 metres of the aircraft is directly related to the particular activity;

– the operator has defined a procedure in the event of an in-flight incident with the aircraft and has informed in advance the persons concerned who are within 30 metres of the aircraft

– each of these persons has signed this certificate stating that they have been informed and that they waive their “image rights”.

12 – Pathway

The routes are subject to prefectural authorisation and may be modified by the organiser if necessary, until the start of the event.

13 – Registrations

Registration can only be done on the website :

The number of participants is limited to 150.

The registration fee varies according to the date of receipt of the registration (see article 14).

All registrations are firm and final and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever unless the cancellation option is taken (see article).

The organisation reserves the right to cancel the event if the number of participants is less than 100.

14 – Registration fees

Package Services-Accommodation

– Registration before December 31st of the previous year:

Individual: 420 €.

Group of five people minimum: 390 €.

– Registrations from 1/01 to 31/05 of the year of the event:

Individual: 449 €

Group of five people minimum: 420 €.

For those who are not FFC licence holders, the “personal accident” insurance is charged at the time of registration at 15 €.

15 – Repatriation on departure

A repatriation service at the start is set up by the organization for all stages.

It includes the repatriation of participants and their bikes.

16 – Environment

– Out of respect for the environment and the public, please leave the course clean!

– There are rubbish bins at the start sites, at each feed station and at the finish sites; keep energy product packaging in your pockets until the next stop.

– It is strictly forbidden to throw any object, container, paper or rubbish on the road.

– To get to the race site, please consider carpooling.

FOREST’CIME adopts the “ECO CYCLO” programme.

Reminder of the “Eco Cyclo” charter:

– Nature is beautiful and the road is not a rubbish bin, in all circumstances, walking, training or competition, I keep waste and packaging until I find a place to dispose of them.

– I respect the rules of the road, my helmet is my most faithful companion.

– Cycling is a wonderful sport, excellent for your health, I will not spoil my luck and these moments of happiness by taking harmful and prohibited drugs.

Participants caught disposing of their waste in the natural environment will be disqualified from the race.

17 – Acceptance of the Regulation

Registration and participation in the event imply full acceptance of these rules and the regulations of the French Cycling Federation.

Contact, information and registration

La Forestière

01100 ARBENT


Tel : (+33) 6 45 08 80 96

mail :

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