The domaine Foret, official winemaker of the Forest’Cime

This year the Forest’Cime has added an innovation. For its 8th edition, we are organizing a tasting of wines from the Jura, during the second stage, “Journey to Pasteur and Yellow Wine country”, of this year’s event. The 165-km stage will take riders through the towns of Salins-les-Bains, Beaume-les-messieurs, Château-Chalon and Arbois. Jura wines are made from 5 grape varieties, Chardonnay and Sauvignon for the whites and Poulsard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir for the reds. Covering an area of 1,850 hectares (4500 acres), there are no less than 4 geographical Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée, as follows, Côtes du Jura, Etoile, Château-Chalon and Arbois.

It’s in Arbois, Louis Pasteur’s place of birth, where the Foret estate is located. This 7-hectare(17 acre) estate has been cultivating the 5 Jura grape varieties in a sustainable manner since 1885, when wine grower Elie Foret planted his first vines.

The FORET domain is owned and managed by Fréderic FORET, a winemaker who, in addition to tending his vines and bottling the wine, is also an artist. Such as the sculptures on the wall of his cellar, or the magnificent sculpture of a bottle of wine, at the entrance to the village of Arbois, that weighs 3 tonnes and measures nearly 6 meters long. Designed and built entirely by Frederic FORET, this bottle has become the emblem of the village of Arbois since 2012, when it was first installed. It is partly for this artistic and original fiber to the image of the Forest’Cime, that we wanted to associate with the domain Foret for this 8th edition. On June 24th, during the second stage, the participants of the Forest’Cime will have the chance to taste the bottles of the domain Foret during our second supply of the day in Arbois. But also, they will be able to buy bottles for their own consumption and leave with them during the Pasta Party at the end of the third stage.

lt is partly for his artistic and originality, in the image of the Forest’Cime, that we wanted to associate this 8 th edition of the event with Frederic FORET.

During the second stage (June 24 th ), Forest’Cime riders will be able to taste the wine from the FORET estate at the second food station in Arbois.Riders can, if they wish, order bottles of wine. They can take delivery of their orders following the pasta party at the end of the third and final stage of the event.





Find here the Domaine Foret wine catalog

Domaine FORET 

13 Rue de la Faïencerie, 39600 Arbois

06 20 48 27 80

Instagram : domaineforet