Forest’cime 2023, on the road of the Tour de France : Stage 3

Forest'Cime 2023, on the roads of the Tour de France


The 8th edition of the Forest’cime will take place from the June 23 to the 25 of June 2023. During 3 days you will ride a 450 kilometre route through the landscapes of the Ain and the Jura. A course with 8500 meters of cumulative altitude gain. The Forest’cime will welcome you as it should in these landscapes of small mountains and plains. In the middle of the course, to “spice up” the stages, we propose to times somes of the climbs. Thanks to a classification established by category, you will be able to wear the bib of the leader of the performance challenge.


To the assault of the mountains and castles
Rosay castle

We will continue this third stage of 135 kilometres in the direction of the Ain department, passing by the castle of Chevreaux, situated at an altitude of 473 metres. It dominates the Bresse plain, an idyllic setting for a first aid station in the heart of the castle ruins. The second refuelling point will be at kilometre 100 on the side of the castle of Cornod, one of the most impressive domains in the area. Cornod is one of the most important aristocratic buildings in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region. Built in the 14th century on medieval remains, it was also owned by the Count of Montaigu. With 7500 m2 of living space, the immensity of this castle makes it a jewel of the Jurassian heritage.

To end this Forest’Cime 2023 we wanted to take an atypical route. This last stage aims at touring the main castles of the small mountains of the Jura and the Ain. From our base camp in Bellecin we will head towards the south of the Jura department. We will pass by the castle of Cressia, a monument dating from the 14th century. Previously used as a military fort, it still has a drawbridge and a moat surrounding it. Today the castle of Cressia has become a public school run by Dominican nuns. A few kilometres further on we will find the castle of Rosay. Built on a rocky outcrop in the 12th century, it was part of the seigneury of Montaigu. The castle of Rosay also served as a refuge for the inhabitants of the surrounding villages during the great invasions of France.

Cornod castle

At the end of the last day this day with its 2620 meters of positive difference and pasta party  will wait for you at the Arbent leisure centre. In a friendly and festive atmosphere we will then proceed to the prize-giving for the winners of the performance challenge!


To the assault of the mountains and castles​