STAGE 1 : Ballad in Aindin land

The FOREST’CIME is coming up! Our 3-day cycling raid in the Ain and Jura regions will take place on 24, 25 and 26 June 2022! To make you wait a little longer (or to make those who are still hesitating to sign up decide), we present to you, step by step, the tourist points of the route. The series “On the roads of the FOREST’CIME” presents the most beautiful places that the participants will meet on the route between the mountains of the Ain and the Jura. 

Today, we review the remarkable places of the first stage called “Ballade en Terre Aindinoise”. 


After a departure from Arbent, you will not have to pedal long to observe the first landscapes of our region. Starting with Lake Genin, this place nicknamed “Little Canada” is a classified site but also labelled “sensitive natural area”. It is as pleasant in winter as in summer for all types of activities.


You will then drive to Cerdon, an attractive area of the Ain with its nature, its industrial history and its strong reputation for vineyards and sparkling wine. It is also known for its caves which take you back to the prehistoric period.


The Ain valley is now not far away! Known for its remarkable landscapes, it will please the amateurs of nature sports spots! It extends over more than 25km from the Allement reservoir to the Thoirette bridge and is considered a sensitive natural area. 


Finally, before enjoying a well-deserved rest, you will cross the little mountain of the Ain, which is neither lacking in charm nor in mystery… The castles have taken possession of the heights, the religious heritage is particularly remarkable and the mountains separated by combes offer infinite panoramas.

While waiting to welcome you on the most beautiful roads of the Ain and the Jura during our friendly cycling event, do not hesitate to check the technical details of the course! You will find the exact route of the course as well as the corresponding profile. As a reminder, stage 1 is 155km with 2953m of positive altitude difference and 3045m of negative altitude difference!

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See you soon to discover stage 2!