100 km UCI Men
Sunday 12 september

TZ, or UCI Technical Zone, are the technical points where competitors are allowed to have external technical assistance. At La Forestière, the TZ are generally located in the villages next to the feed stations.Please respect the Start and Finish zones as well as the UCI rules in the technical zones.

8h00 : Start of the 100 km UCI Marathon Series – Les Moussières

8h35-9h11 : TZ1 / Les Moussières (km 12)

9h37-11h14 : TZ2 / Saint Claude – Rue de la fontaine aux Oiseaux ( Cité de Serger – Km 33)
Official refuelling Forestière R1 (100 km UCI only)

10h24 -12h48 : TZ3 / Les Moussières (Km 47)
Official refuelling Forestière R2


  • 250€ for the first man in the 100 km race after crossing the Moussieres line (km 46)

 10H59 – 13h59 : TZ4 / La Pesse (Km 58)
Official refuelling Forestière R3

11h42 – 15h25 : TZ5 / Giron (km 75)
Official refuelling and mechanical point R4

12h04 -16h08 : TZ6 / Crossover D33 et D55A Lieu dit de la Piscicultures (km 82 – 575 m)

ATTENTION: Choose between TZ6 and TZ7, not possible to do both TZ.

12h16 -16h33 : TZ7 / Echallon (km 86 – 754 m)
Official refuelling and mechanical point R5

13h14 – 18h29 : Arrival Espace Loisirs d’Arbent

Podium : 15h00


Signalisation Technical Zone

Follow Technical Zone signs (TZ1 to TZ7).

Be careful followers, it’s not technically possible to do TZ6 and TZ7.

Choose the distance of your TZ according to your race strategy, refuelling, etc.

TZ6 : Crossover D33 et D55A At the bottom of the Nan du Mort descent at 575 meters altitude.

TZ7 : Echallon (754 m altitude), last refreshment point before the finish in Arbent.


Profile 100 km UCI Marathon Series 3100 m D+ / 3705 D-

Finish village : Espace Loisirs, 1415 avenue Général Andréa, 01100 Arbent

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